RequestNow isn't just about song requests... it's about your guests engaging with our DJ unlike ever before!  This innovative request system allows your guests to either scan a QR code or simply text their requests from anywhere at your event.  Their request gets routed directly to our DJ team via our iPads.  Then, our deejays can get requests directly into the mix of music.  Introduced in 2021, this request system allows your guests to get interactive with the music programming.  We are taking your event to the next level!

Add RequestNow to your event and raise the FUN & energy for your guests!

With RequestNow, our DJ still has creative control over all​ requests.  Requests will be edited for content as we will always default to clean & "radio friendly" versions of all music.  Multiple requests for the same song will rank in terms of popularity.  Please note that a request sent to our RequestNow system does not automatically make it into the music program or setlist.

not all requests get played

all requests and images are screened

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charge for this service


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