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Our Statement On Criminal Convictions

We Take The Safety Of Students Seriously

By the signature of the authorized official, The Mid Atlantic Professional DJ Association (MAPDJA) & Dynamic DJ Entertainment certifies that none of our employees, agents or subcontractors who work within our company or will have direct contact with students and/or guests has been convicted of a felony of any sort. 


MAPDJA agrees to terminate any working relationship and/or the employment of any person within our company who has been charged with and/or convicted of any such offenses or the failure to truthfully report such convictions.


Further, MAPDJA certifies that all staff members have undergone background checks, and are free from any such allegations, charges or convictions, prior to their employ.

We take student safety seriously and will never staff an event with anyone who has not undergone & passed a background check.  




Kurtis S. Cross

Name Of Authorized Representative


August 1, 2021

KSC Signature.001.png

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