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Homecoming 2021

As we plan for a successful, safe and FUN Homecoming season, we'd like to make sure that our team is adequately prepared for any changes that may have been made, to your Homecoming plans.  If you've already communicated these plans to us, thanks!  If not, let's have a conversation.  We can be reached Monday - Friday, with typical office hours being 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.

With many school systems opting for outdoor Homecoming celebrations, this changes the scope of what our team will need to do to produce your Homecoming dance.  From power requirements to sound systems... lighting to access times, adjustments will be necessary to provide your students with the best overall experience.  It is important that we communicate these details & changes to you



Here are some things to consider, when planning Homecoming 2021.

1.  We are able to accommodate outdoor Homecomings events.  Our team is prepared to provide DJ services to each of our schools, whether indoors or outdoors.

2.  An overhead shelter is required for all outdoor events

          3.  Access - We will need access to a minimum of two (2) Separate 20 Amp Electrical Outlets each within 50 feet of designated performance area, to be used by our staff only. Outlets can not be shared with other vendors.

          4.  Sound - Our sound systems are able to be used outdoors, however, there is a difference between indoor & outdoor sound applications.  Click Here for an explanation of outdoor sound vs. indoor sound.  In short, outdoor sound applications require more sound to reach the overall desired effect.  There is an additional charge for us to provide additional or supplemental sound.  You are NOT required to book additional sound, but we do recommend this for outdoor events.  Please contact us so that we may work through these details.

4.  Rain Date - Have you considered a rain date in the event of inclement weather?  Some schools are considering moving the Homecoming dance to a weekday (daytime or evening) if needed.

5.  Start Time - Many schools are adjusting their Homecoming dance times to earlier start times to take advantage of daylight. 


6.  Atmospheric Conditions - Does your outdoor space have lighting that is suitable for an event?  Will our lighting still be needed?  As is the case with sound, lighting displays different in an outdoor setting.  Our indoor lighting may have a limited effect in an outdoor environment.


7.  Requests - With students likely spread out over a much greater space, it may be important to consider our RequestNow! option.  This allows students the option to make requests via their smartphone.  By either scanning a QR code or submitting their request via text to our system, students can request songs from wherever they are, during the dance.  Click Here to learn more about RequestNow!


We understand the challenges with a changing environment due to the current COVID pandemic.  As plans change, our goal is to be flexible with plans in our effort to accommodate your 2021 Homecoming plans.  We thank you for working with our team and we invite your input & questions as we support your plans for a great event!


If your event date changes for any reason, we will honor and transfer all payments to a future date to be held within two (2) calendar years from the original events date.

The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Sound

Outdoor vs. Indoor Sound

Sound Output Quality

Outdoor conditions such as wind and other background noises affect the sound. Sound does not travel well with such conditions. The audio output of an indoor speaker might not be powerful enough to rise above such conditions.

Outdoor speakers are designed with an amplifier, either in a passive or active speaker, to enhance and increase the quality and volume of the sound. For this reason, outdoor speakers need a higher power input as well.

Construction and Physical Design

Indoor speakers are designed to blend into your interiors while providing enhanced sound in a room or in several rooms. They can be placed strategically and mounted on the floor or on speaker stands, depending on the space you have and the sound experience that you want.

Outdoor speakers, on the other hand, need to be sturdy and durable enough to withstand all weather conditions. They are exposed to sunlight and wind among other atmospheric conditions. These can easily damage an indoor speaker, but outdoor speakers are designed to be long-lasting and endure such outdoor conditions. 

Sound Projection Direction

Outdoor speakers are single-point speakers & omni-directional. This means that they have a circular coverage on a specific area. The more powerful the speakers are, the wider their coverage is. It is also a common practice to use several speakers to cover a bigger outdoor area.

Indoor speakers, in contrast, cover an enclosed area in a triangular pattern. Sound moves in a singular direction from the speakers out to a wider indoor area. 

Bass Reproduction

Sound quality is affected by bass response whether in indoor or in outdoor conditions. In outdoor conditions, however, bass reproduction is more challenging because of the lack of reflective surfaces. In high-quality speakers, such surfaces are built in along with other powerful drivers to create high-quality bass output.

Volume Range

Because of the open space, outdoor speakers need to be capable of higher volumes. The amplifiers have to enhance both the volume and intensity to produce high-quality audio.

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