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Round Two:  Fri., July 30th

Merrifield Live! is a resident fueled karaoke competition, hosted by Merrifield Dunn Loring, Dynamic DJ Entertainment & The DJ Krissy Karaoke Show.  Residents will register for competition dates, in advance with performance dates on July 10th & July 30th.  The final "championship" round  will be on August 13th.

To register, please see the form below.  All participants must pre-register and is limited to the first 24 contestants per date.   

Additional rules are below.

"Merrifield Live" Competition Rules: 

Please Read All Contest Rules Prior To Registering

This event is sponsored by Merrifield Dunn Loring, Dynamic DJ Entertainment & The DJ Krissy Karaoke Show!  Not all registrants will be selected to perform in the qualifying rounds.  Only one participant per household may enter.  Participants may register as an individual or a group of up to three (3) members.  All ages are welcome.  Participants may only perform in one (1) competition slot.  For example, participants may not have multiple entries or perform as an individual and also with a group.  All participants agree to perform in front of a public group.  All participants must be available on each of the following dates... July 10, 2021 (qualifying date), July 30, 2021 (qualifying date), August 13, 2021 (Final Round/Championship) and any rescheduled/postponed dates (if applicable).  Once registered, we will attempt to schedule each participant for their preferred date.  Participants must be available for each date of the competition as their preferred date may not be available.  Each participant must indicate their first, second & third choices for songs.  Participants should be prepared to sing any of the three songs on their list.  All participants must be available on the evening of each qualifying competition date, for the entirety of the event.  A minimum of eight (8) participants will be selected after each qualifying round to advance into the championship round.  Participants agree to their name, image, likeness and recordings of their performance, being used for promotional & public purposes.  There will be a three (3) person panel of judges.  This panel will determine, based on a three (3) score average, which participants advance.  Participants agree that the scoring system and determination from the panel of judges, is final.  The participants who advance, will be those with the highest scores (top 8 participants advance to the championship round).  Registration does not guarantee placement in a qualifying round or any subsequent round.  Those selected for qualifying rounds will be notified via email and/or telephone.  Participants who do not qualify for a subsequent round, may not audition again.  Anyone participating, who is under the age of 18, must have parent/guardian permission, to participate.  All participants must complete a performance consent form, prior to participating.

Click Here To Register

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Merrifield Live!
3 Nights Of Competition
One Champion


July 10th Results

The following participants have advanced to the championship round, to take place on August 13, 2021.  Participants must be available on August 13th to participate.  Participants from July 10, 2021 who did not advance are not eligible for the second round of qualifying.

Round One Winners (In No Particular Order)

•Baavesh Deepan

•Vaiua Lakshmi

•Anthony Ray

•Riana Kaushik

•Alexia (last name not given)

•Suhana (last name not given)

•Praneesha (last name not given)

•Mylinh (last name not given)

All of the above named winners, will advance to the championship round and must be available on Friday, July 30, 2021 (or any subsequent postponed date, of applicable).  The final round will consist of no more than 16 performers, with one declared winner.

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