Podcast Production

Custom High Quality Sound


We understand that these days, anyone can produce a podcast using a simple audio kit and laptop. Yours won’t be one of those podcasts. When it comes to creatives, your audio needs to reflect who you are as a brand. Our team of audio experts ensures that our audio recording and editing stands above the rest of the industry. Whether that’s remote, in a studio, or on location.


Sophisticated & Precise Editing


You can best tell your story or deliver your content. Our creative and technical experts deploy proven techniques to keep listeners:

  • Interested

  • Engaged

  • Sharing the podcast, and...

  • Subscribing for more


Audience-First Strategy


We outperform other services because we take an audience-first approach. A podcast is a perfect medium for a brand to engage with a new or current audience. But you need to understand them first. We uncover who your podcast audience is, what they care about, then how your podcast can deliver value. We root your podcast in this strategy because it needs to perform. And it won’t perform unless it’s delivering value.

High Engagement Rate

Have you ever heard a poorly produced podcast?  So have we!  Your audience will lose interest and you'll struggle to gain new listeners with a poorly produced podcast.  This is where we come in.  Simply put, we'll produce the best version of your podcast, from start to finish.

Full Promotion Services


It’s not a podcast unless it has listeners. Our promotional services ensure your podcast gets to the right audience. We then deploy tactics to entice your audience to subscribe, listen, and share. Our multi-faceted strategy is unique to each client, their budget, and podcast audience.

  • Editing

    You record the podcast, we edit and deliver it to you in upload format.

    $149 Per Episode

  • Remote Production

    We provide the recording platform and in-house production.  You use your laptop/desktop/device and we'll do the rest!

    $199 Per Episode

  • Studio Production

    Our studio will host your podcast.  Bring your show notes and content.  Our studio will provide the rest!

    $249 Per Episode

  • Add Video

    We can add a video platform whereby you can interview remote guests and bring them to the screen with you!

    $99 Add'l Per Episode

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