Sample Promo Fliers

Our Team Will Help Promo Your Event!


We want your event to be a success!  In doing so, we will create a digital flier for you to advertise or promote your event to your community, members, students, residents or attendees.  Once you've booked our services, please follow the steps below...​

1. We will need a high resolution (png) file of your logo or chosen artwork. This will be used on the flier.

2.  Include your date(s), times & location of your event.  If this is an outdoor event, please indicate the area (pool, parking lot, courtyard, commons, etc.).  For indoor events, please indicate the room or event space name (gym, clubhouse, ballroom name, etc.).

3.  If your event is an EPIC movie night, please indicate the movie title so we may include it on the flier.

4.  Other Important Info:  

          •We will create a digital flier for the following events... pool parties, movie nights, The DJ Krissy

            Karaoke Show, school dances & trivia nights.  

          •All requests for a digital flier must be made no less than two (2) weeks prior to your event date.

          •Please feel free to distribute and/or use the digital flier (in print as well) as you see fit.

          •We apologize that we are unable to accommodate special requests for design and/or creative input

             for digital fliers.  Once we submit the flier to you, edits cannot be made unless there is an error in

             the information, on our part.


4.  Please Click Here to send a request to our office, including the above information.

Below, you'll find just a sample of fliers we've designed in the past.  We have a library of graphics and all fliers may differ.

Click Here For Movie Night 101

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