Planning A School Dance?  

Take A Look At What Our School Dance Planners Have To Say

We've helped schools plan successful dances for more than 30 years.  Below you will find several tips for making your dance plans... stress-free! 

Before we get into the planning help, please note that NO school dance will be a success without great effort, great volunteers and consistent advertising!  Get your student volunteers to start talking about the dance... make signs & posters... get prizes. 


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1.  Chaperones & Volunteers - Every school dance will need chaperones.  So recruit early and be sure to recruit more chaperones than you need.  Adult chaperones & volunteers are needed.  You'll want chaperones to assist with any number of duties... prior to, during & after the dance.  From ticket sales to decorations... collecting tickets at the door to post-dance clean up and everything in between. Your chaperones & volunteers are most critical in hosting a successful school dance.

2.  Games & Prizes - Turn up the fun with games and prizes.  Of course, our dynamic DJ entertainers can provide ideas for great games to involve your students in on the fun.  For prizes, T-shirts or gift cards for music/fast food are typically popular.  If needed, we can provide prizes for a fee.

3.  Music Requests - It's generally a great idea to have your students involved with music requests.  Please keep in mind that our dynamic DJ entertainment team will review all requests in advance, for content and suitability of play, as we will only play "radio friendly" music.  It is extremely important to gather requests in advance and submit them to us electronically, via e-mail.  All song requests via e-mail should be submitted no less than two (2) weeks in advance.  Requests can be compiled during ticket sales or by posting a list where students can add their song requests.  If your school is working with our promo team to provide requests via Twitter, then contact us for the open & close dates for requests.  Also, you should determine in advance, if you'll allow requests during your dance.

4.  Student Volunteers - Most schools have an SGA, SCA or student dance committee.  Those students will help with dance ideas, ticket sales, decorations and set-up/clean-up.  Those students should get permission from parents, in advance, to stay after the dance, for clean-up.  As an incentive, often these students will receive free admission to the dance along with free snacks.

5.  Ticket Cost - A successful dance begins with having great ticket sales.  Pricing your tickets appropriately will make for heavy ticket sales.  When more students purchase tickets, this will inspire others to do so.  Everyone wants to get to the event that everyone else is going to!

6.  Promotions - Speaking of ticket sales, strong promotions will encourage ticket sales.  Spread the word!  Your student volunteers should lead the charge.  Get them talking about the dance.  Then, contact our office for a promotional kit that is sure to drive even more ticket sales.  Schools always see a boost in ticket sales when using our promotional kit.  Strong promotions are THE #1 THING you can do to have a successful school dance.

7.  Choose The Right Date & Time - You want to choose a date & time whereby it's easy for your students to attend and easy for parents to pick up students.  

Dates To Avoid...

          •Avoid dates where there is no activity bus

          •Avoid dates where another big event is planned (school play, instrumental/choral concert, athletic activity)

          •Avoid dates just before or just after a holiday break

Things To Consider...

          •Having a dance directly after school makes it easy for students and chaperones to attend

          •An ideal middle school dance length is 90 minutes to two hours

          •An ideal high school dance length is three to four hours

          •Create a theme for the dance that will generate a "buzz" around the school

8.  Who's In Charge? - Make sure you designate someone so that chaperones, volunteers and students know who to turn to for direction.  This is also helpful so that our dynamic DJ entertainers know who to check in with!

9.  Refreshments - From snacks to heavier refreshments, you can offer simple concessions either at no charge or for a small fee.  Offering refreshments at no charge will likely boost ticket sales while refreshments for a fee will likely help fundraising efforts.  You may want to consider your ticket price if offering free refreshments.  If doing so, issue each student one ticket to cover (for example) one slice of pizza and one bottled water.  If you charge for refreshments, one person should be responsible for handling cash while a few volunteers can staff the concessions.

10.  Dismissal Procedure - Depending on the number of students in attendance, you may consider dismissing your students by grade level so that there isn't a mad dash for the door, once the dance ends.  Another option is to dismiss students in groups... bus riders, walkers, students being picked up.

Other Tips...

   •Have all students leave their backpacks and belongings in their lockers, to be retrieved after the dance

   •Choose a fun theme and encourage students to participate

   •Offer a door prize through a contest that all students can be eligible for

   •Get local businesses (coffee shop, doughnut shop, fast food chain) to sponsor your dance with free food and/or giveaways

   •Have students call/text parents 15 minutes before the dance ends so rides arrive once the dance ends

   •Plan in advance... promotional efforts need time to develop for best ticket sales

   •Reward your student volunteers with free refreshments during or after the dance

Be sure to contact us for further assistance.  Let's plan a successful dance for your school.  From promotional support to great music... Requests via social media to prize giveaways, we are the school dance experts!

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