The Photo Wall!

Share images from your event, live your on one of our GIANT screens!  The Photo Wall is an interactive option that engages with your guests.


Simple & Easy To Use

Guests use their phones to snap photos. These are the fun and candid photos guests are taking throughout the night.


We Moderate All Photos

Our team will approve or deny which photos get displayed to the crowd.  No need to worry about inappropriate content.


Guest Engagement

The Photo Wall is an excellent engagement tool for your guests to get interactive and more involved in the event.



Choose from a few options to display images throughout your event.

Requests Redefined!


When you sign up for our RequestNow service, we will generate a unique QR code & telephone number specific to your event.  Your guests can either scan the QR code or text the number directly, with their requests.  Simply text "play (enter song title)" and it will go directly to our DJ.  There's no limit to the number of requests your guests can send.  This interactive request system is perfect for any event!

Add The Photo Wall To Your Event

16' Screen - $199

20' Screen - $299

24' Screen - $300

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