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A Letter From Our CEO...

At The Mid Atlantic Professional DJ Association, we take public safety very seriously.  For that reason, we only hire, train and staff our events with quality people.  Each of our staff members must pass a criminal background investigation.  This investigation includes local & federal clearances.  We simply will not take chances with our staff, nor any guests, visitors, students or attendees at any of our events. 


With that being said, we also want you to know...


1.  I have personally hired & trained each person on our staff.

2.  We will complete any forms, as required, for county/city public or private schools.  Often times, criminal certification forms must be completed for any vendor hired by a school.  We'd be happy to complete any such forms.  If your school system does not require this form, we encourage you to view and/or print our statement on criminal convictions, by Clicking Here.

3.  We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol on the job, illegal drugs (on or off the job) and/or any offense of a sexual or sexual assault nature.  Anyone involved with or charged in any of the above will not be hired or will be terminated if already employed.

4.  We have a $1,000,000/$2,000,000 liability insurance policy.  We are happy to provide our COI and/or add additional language as required.

5.  We have public school classroom teachers on our staff, who know what it takes to provide dynamic & school appropriate entertainment for school dances.  From age-appropriate music to games, our staff is always prepared to deliver the best in DJ entertainment for school events.

6.  Our DJ team will always arrive to each event, no less than one (1) hour in advance to set-up... we will always have back-up equipment and back-up staff available, in the event of an emergency.

7.  We are proud of how we operate.  But our clients say it best!  Click Here to read our reviews! 

Again, I thank you for considering our company for your event.  More than just a DJ service, we are a family owned & operated company.  We look forward to working with you and supporting your event with dynamic DJ entertainment!

Kurt Cross

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