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Our Story


Where Do We Begin?

Each event, is an opportunity to create an entertainment experience for you & your guests.  For more than  35  years, our team has set the standard in professional DJ entertainment.  A successful event starts with selecting the right entertainment.  As a family owned company, we pride ourselves on being your DJ entertainment solution.

But, let's start from the beginning...

In 1986, I started this company as a “one man show."  My office and practice space was the basement of my grandparents' home in Washington, DC.  My grandfather, a businessman himself (dry cleaning) loaned me $100 to get started.  I went to the local "Luskins" and purchased a cassette player, to go along with the stereo equipment my grandfather handed down to me.  From there, the dream of a teenager was born.  My family helped spread the word and I booked my first gig... a fashion show at a local church.  I prepared for weeks!  I was nervous, but the show went on and on September 6, 1986, I completed our first event.

As the company grew, I recruited my school friends to help with carrying equipment & setting up events.  They too learned how to DJ and from there, we took on more events.  By 1997, the company evolved into something I never imagined and then... another evolution was right in front of us.  After meeting a young lady at a neighborhood graduation party, I hired her instantly.  In my opinion, she was an undiscovered talent who could make a big splash as a top-notch DJ.  She tagged along to all sorts of events and along the way, she developed her style & talent.  That young lady is DJ Krissy... and she became one of the most popular female professional DJs the Washington, DC area has ever seen.

Along the way, we established the area's first official DJ training school.  We trained dozens of aspiring students, with only the top students emerging into our roster of talent.  From that point, we evolved into a full time professional DJ service.  We were then able to train more talent, service more clients and develop our model for producing highly successful events.  Today, our services include professional DJ talent & MCs, event production, lighting & atmospheric effects, EPIC photo booths and so much more.


Our staff is our most valuable resource.  Together, we are more than a collective of deejays.  We are friends, family and a team.  From our DJ talent to our office support staff to our set-up/strike team, each staff member plays an important role in supporting hundreds of events each year.  Whether we are booked for a backyard birthday party or a Homecoming with 1,000 students... an annual convention or a Mitzvah, you'll get a professional and energetic staff from start to finish.  We look forward to creating each experience.  


​We look forward to hearing more about your event.  Contact us today and we will gladly answer your questions, discuss our services and provide you with the blueprint for a successful event!


Kurtis S. Cross

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