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Reservations Policy

Our Reservations Policy

Let's Get The Party Started!

Reserving A Date:  To reserve your date on our calendar, please contact us at, call 1.800.795.1808 or Click Here.  Our in-office team will issue the booking forms needed to start your reservation.  All reservations require completed booking forms, signed by the responsible booking party, along with a deposit payment. 


Deposit Policy:  Unless otherwise stated in the booking forms, all accounts require a deposit for confirmation.  All deposit payments are non-refundable.  No date can be guaranteed or reserved without completed booking forms and deposit payment.  All payments are accepted via PayPal.  Checks are accepted from government agencies, educational institutions and approved corporations only.  Sorry, cash is not accepted.

Balance Payments:  All balance payments are due, no later than three (3) business days prior to the event date.  Our office will send all final balance invoices, no sooner than 30 days prior to event date, unless requested sooner by Client.  Client may choose to complete balance payment at anytime by requesting a final balance invoice.

Talent Assignment:  We will do our best to schedule your preferred talent, if chosen.  Our master schedule is based on talent availability, number of events scheduled for a particular day and the needs of each event.  Our goal with each event is to staff the best talent available to meet the requirements of the event.

Additional Policies:  Please see our Entertainment Agreement for additional policies.  

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Since 1986, we've had one goal:  Provide each event, each client & each guest with professionally trained & entertaining DJ talent.  In doing so, here is our guarantee to you...

•We will staff each event with members of our team who work exclusively for us.  We will not "sub-out" your event to a third party.  We are not a booking agency, we are a full time professional DJ service.  Your event will received one (or more) of our professionally trained staff members.

•We will approach each event with your vision in mind.  We will strive to deliver an event that your guests remember for all the right reasons.

•Our team will arrive to your event no later than 45 - 60 minutes in advance of our contracted start time.  We will be set-up and ready to go when the party starts!

•Our equipment inventory contains all pro sound & lighting equipment.  We will have a back up equipment plan in place, for each event.  We will not let you down.  All music will originate from our library and we will not rely on streaming content for our setlists.  Music will be age appropriate in content as our DJ talent will always default to clean & "radio friendly" versions of all songs.


•Our deejays will not consume alcohol during your event.

•In the event of an emergency, we have qualified, professional deejays available as back-up.  Should your scheduled DJ fall sick or not be able to perform, for reasons beyond our control, a back-up DJ will be available to replace him/her.

•Our DJ Entertainer will gladly field requests and work them into the music program where possible.  With our selection of more than 300,000 songs available at each event, we are likely to have just about any request!


•Once we book & confirm your event, we will not cancel or overbook your date for any reason.


•You will receive professional treatment from our in-office and event staff.  We will communicate with you swiftly and in a timely manner.  We will support your efforts in planing your event.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Let's keep this short & sweet.  We won't sell, loan, give away or share any of your information, with anyone outside of our company, ever.  We value your privacy and we are committed to operating our company with a safe & responsible digital footprint.

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