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Our Policy On Student Safety

There is nothing more important to me, than the safety of our young people.  Whether in school, in their homes or on the playground, young people must be & feel safe.  For this reason, as the owner of Dynamic DJ Entertainment, EPIC Photo Booths & Weddings By Kurtis Cross, I personally interview, screen, hire & train each of my staff members.  This includes a local and national background check on everyone on our team. Nothing we do, as a company, is more important than making sure that our staff meets strict criteria in terms of character, professionalism and criminal standing.  Further, each staff member has been to my home and I know each staff member personally.  It is this family atmosphere that we all embrace.  I personally can vouch for each of our staff members.

Dynamic DJ Entertainment (DDE), EPIC Photo Booths & Weddings By Kurtis Cross herein referred to as "Company" or "We", certifies that none of our employees, agents or subcontractors who work within our company or will have direct contact with students and/or guests has been convicted of a felony of any sort. 

We agree to terminate any working relationship and/or the employment of any person within our company who has been charged with and/or convicted of any such offenses or the failure to truthfully report such convictions.

Further, we certify that all staff members have undergone background checks, and are free from any such allegations, charges or convictions, prior to their employ.

It will always remain this way as we value each opportunity to support the safety of, not only our students, but all clients & guests at each event.

Kurt Cross

Owner & CEO



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