Movie Night 101 

Let's Plan A Successful Movie Night!


For the months of May, June, July & August, movie start times are best viewed after 8:00 pm.


•Venue Staff & Logistics - Please designate someone to meet with our staff, upon arrival, to assist with logistics.  Our staff will need one (1) 6’ table and accessible electricity within 25’ of your desired viewing area.  This electrical source must be for use by MAPDJA staff only.  Please disable all outdoor grounds sprinkling systems, for the duration of the performance and one hour beyond.


•Airblown Screens - We require an open, flat & grassy area for set-up.  For safety, all screens must be tethered and/or weighted.  Our staff will make all reasonable efforts to secure, stake, tether and secure our screen.  We must have ample space to do so.  All projectors require a minimum throw distance for adequate display.    


•Natural & Ambient Light - Please note that light can adversely affect the brilliance and display on any screen.  For this reason, we ask that you consider time, location and sunset.  For the best viewing experience, a low light area is best.  Click Here for sunset times.  If possible, we ask that you disable all surrounding light, for the duration of the performance.  All movie night packages are scheduled for a three (3) hour period.  Movie night start times during the months of May, June, July & August should be scheduled to begin after 8:00 pm.  Movie night location will determine the best time to begin the movie.  Client will not be charged for a movie that runs over the contracted time because of a delayed start time.


•Movie Title & Format - Please provide us with the title of the movie you intend to display.  All movies must be provided by the client, in standard DVD format or Blu-Ray format.


•Other Factors - Wind & noise also play a factor in the overall viewing experience.  There are instances where noisy or windy conditions are beyond our control and will reduce the viewing experience.


•Projector Throw Distance - A minimum distance of 15’ is required for best projection.  All guests should be seated behind the projector and all posted safety lines, for a better viewing experience.  


•Safety - All guests must exercise common sense safety practices during this event.  Event host should provide adequate supervision and/or staffing to maintain safety for guests.  Children & pets should be supervised at all times during event.  The viewing area for movie nights begins at a distance of 10' behind all safety lines.


•Condition - DVD should be in like new or new condition, free from dust, scratches or any other alteration which may prohibit successful play.  Any technical issue due to a failed DVD will not be considered the fault of The MAPDJA.

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