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Movie Night 101

Let's Plan A Successful Movie Night!​

From April 1st - September 30th, movie start times are best viewed after 8:00 pm.

Please refer to the information below for outdoor movie nights, screen projection, slide shows or any presentation taking place outdoors.

•Venue Staff & Logistics - Please designate someone to meet with our staff, upon arrival, to assist with logistics.  Our staff will need one (1) 6’ table and access to electricity within 25’ of your desired viewing area.  This electrical source must be for use by our staff only.  Please disable all outdoor landscape sprinkling systems, for the duration of the performance and one hour beyond.  You must designate someone to staff the event on your behalf for the duration of the event.


•Airblown Screens - We require an open, flat & grassy area for set-up.  For safety, all screens must be tethered, staked and/or weighted.  Our staff will make all reasonable efforts to secure, stake, tether and secure our screen.  We must have ample space to do so.  All projectors require a minimum throw distance for adequate display.   


•Natural & Ambient Light - Please note that light can adversely affect the brilliance and display on any screen.  For this reason, we ask that you consider time, location and sunset.  For the best viewing experience, a low light area is best.  Click Here for sunset times.  If possible, we ask that you disable all surrounding light, for the duration of the performance. We cannot be responsible for environmental and/or controllable factors which adversely affect the viewing experience.


•Content Title & Format - Upon booking, you must declare the title or name of the programming and/or content you intend to display.  All content must be suitable for your intended audience.  Please contact us with this information upon booking.  We will only display content which is suitable for the intended audience.


•Atmospheric Factors - Wind & noise also play a factor in the overall viewing experience.  Noisy or windy conditions are beyond our control and will reduce the viewing experience.  As our airblown/inflatable screens are large and subject to wind, consider these screens like a "sail."  With enough wind, our screens (until they are staked down) can "take flight."  For this reason, we must wait until winds are calm to begin setup.  We do not anticipate this being an issue, but please note, we may delay setup until such time that winds calm down and allow for a safe setup.  This may adjust your start time.


•Projector Throw Distance - A minimum distance of 15’ is required for best projection.  All guests should be seated behind the projector and/or all posted safety lines, for a better viewing experience.  Where possible, we will utilize rear projection to minimize our setup footprint.  


•Safety - All guests must exercise common sense safety practices during this event.  Event host should provide adequate supervision and/or staffing to maintain safety for guests.  Children & pets should be supervised by an adult at all times during event.  Event host must provide someone to manage the event on their behalf during the full contracted time, to begin 90 minutes prior to the contracted start time and for one (1) full hour following the end of the contracted time.  DDE staff is not responsible for the management of attendees, guests, residents, children, pets and/or host facility.  Please designate someone from the host venue or employed by Client to oversee the event.


•Media Appropriateness & Streaming Content - All content must be in a streaming format.  Client agrees to provide access to WiFi for the purposes of content display.  If Client is unable to provide adequate, stable & reliable WiFi access, then a fee will apply for DDE to provide a secure WiFi network.  Please communicate with us so that we may determine the best course for displaying your chosen content.  Additionally, all content must be appropriate for the intended audience.  DDE reserves the right to interrupt or discontinue the display of content which has been deemed not suitable for the actual audience in attendance.

•Client Option - Client may choose to provide playback source, streaming content/platform and/or WiFi access.  In such instances, DDE cannot be responsible for suitability of content nor the stability of WiFi connection.  DDE shall not be held responsible for the quality of any content, provided by Client's source(s).  If playback source is provided by Client, the designated source must have one (1) working HDMI output port and one (1) working stereo (3.5mm) port.  Please check with our office, no later than two (2) weeks prior to your contracted date, to verify the use of Client's media.

DDE Pro Sound Display_edited.png

For All Outdoor Displays, We Will Provide...

•One (1) Airblown Screen

•One (1) Projector

•One (1) Playback Device For Streaming Content

•A Complete Sound System

•All Needed Audio & Visual Cables

Client must provide content title and streaming platform.  Login credentials must be provided to access content.  DDE can provide access to certain streaming platforms for an additional, per-use, fee.  Please contact our office to determine content, playback and streaming capabilities.

Additional Fees Apply For...

•WiFi access provided by DDE

•Streaming platform provided by DDE

•Setup location other than a flat, grassy area (for example... concrete, asphalt or non-grassy pool area, gravel or any area where stakes are no applicable)

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